Get our best-selling course for Etsy Sellers, Dream Create Sell, where etsy sellers join and make 3-4 Figure+ months in just 6 months of being in our program…


The Creative Reel Mini Course 

A 14 day product reel mini course to help you:

1. LEARN reel techniques beyond product “process” videos

2. CREATE reel videos that *actually* sell your work

*without ever having to dance, make funny videos, or show your face (unless you want to)*

Canva for Etsy Sellers Mini Course*

This is the ONLY Canva course for Etsy sellers on how to create marketing & branding materials for physical products sellers.

We can teach you how to use Canva to build a consistent brand on Etsy AND also on social media…

…without you having to be a graphic designer

…and without being a tech-y person

So you can make more Etsy sales!

Email Marketing for Etsy Sellers*

Building an Email List is one of the most effective ways you can generate sales for your Etsy shop, without paid ads, without constantly being on social media, without a TON of extra time on your part.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Email Marketing For Etsy Sellers & kickstart your sales:

  • How to Start a List
  • How to Grow Your Email List
  • How to Integrate Your List with Etsy
  • How to Actually SELL in emails (AKA what to send your list)
  • How to build & nurture your community ( & create repeat buyers)
Etsy Seller Organization Kit*

The ultimate & easy digital planner kit for Etsy shop owners, created by a top 0.01%-globally ranked Etsy seller. Organize all parts of your Etsy shop to help you achieve your goals and stop feeling disorganized and digitally cluttered!

Includes 3 Versions of all organization templates: Notion, Trello, & Google Spreadsheets!

Sections include:

  • -Planning (daily, weekly, monthly, planning)
  • -SEO & Keyword Tracker
  • -Daily workflow/ to do list with check boxes
  • -Product Description Template
  • -Custom Order Tracker
  • -Product Price Charts
  • -Content Calendar & Planner
  • -Supply List
  • -Business Brand Kit
  • -Business Brainstorm Board
  • -Long Term Goals
  • -Mood Board/Personal Aesthetic

*Canva for Etsy Sellers, Email Marketing for Etsy Sellers, and the Etsy Seller Organization Kit are on pre-sale at a crazy good discount! All of these extras will be released to you on December 26!

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